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What is your service area?
Four Paws Adventures currently serves the South East Valley and the North Valley - please view our service area map on the left. Some services may be available in an expanded area for an additional mileage fee. Four Paws Adventures is expanding! Click here to receive an email when we expand to your area!

What days do you offer Doggie Field Trips?
Hound Hikes and Dog Park Excursions are offered Monday through Friday.

Why should I choose Four Paws Adventures instead of doggie daycare?
Because we pick them up, tire them out, and drop them off! Four Paws Adventures provides small group socialization, fresh air, personal interaction, fun photos of each adventure, and the comfort of your dog's familiar surroundings after their trip. Would you rather spend the day in a small concrete room with twenty other people or in the fresh air with a few of your best buddies?

Why should I choose Four Paws Adventures over dog walkers?
You can be assured of professional, insured and bonded service. Unlike neighborhood kids or part-time dog walkers, we take your dog's fun very seriously! Most pet sitters offer neighborhood dog walking at a rate of $18-25 per half hour. Four Paws Adventures offers exciting Doggie Field Trip packages that include transportation, a minimum of an hour and a half adrenaline pumping activity, tasty treats, towel service, and paw cleaning, for around $30 per trip! Plus every trip includes photos of that day's adventure in your dog's personalized photo album in our Gallery.

What requirements do you have?
All new canine clients are evaluated in order to determine their suitability to requested services and existing groups. All dogs must be six months or older, be licensed, be spayed or neutered, and have current vaccinations or vaccine titers. Dogs with worms, fleas, and/or ticks are not accepted until successfully treated. Dogs which have shown aggression toward other dogs are not accepted for group trips.

Do you offer dog training?
Four Paws Adventures does not offer dog training, but we will work with you and your trainer to reinforce any current training which you are working on. We offer fun and adventure but we always gently encourage our canine clients to respect the ExPAWdition Leader and the other dogs!

Is hiking safe?
It is Four Paws Adventures' job to insure the safety of our canine clients. Dogs are never let off leash during hiking trips - it is illegal and dangerous. During rattlesnake season, hiking is limited to well used trails where wildlife is frightened away from the trail by continuous traffic. Trails are wide enough that the dogs are always able to stay on trail and out of the brush and cacti. The ExPAWdition Leader carries a canine first aid kit and knows the location of the nearest veterinarian to each trail in case of emergency.

Are dog parks safe?
We've all heard dog park horror stories; however, dog parks are much less crowded during the weekdays. We are experienced in handling dogs, always monitor the situations to which clients are exposed, and are specially equipped to break up doggie disagreements. Dog parks that Four Paws frequents all have multiple enclosures so that clients can be moved to a new area if there is another dog which causes concern. Dog park groups are limited to three dogs per trip, per handler, so you can be sure your dog is getting personal interaction and supervision. Dogs are grouped by size and/or temperament. Even small dogs can have their day at the dog park!

What about the heat in Arizona?
The Four Paws Adventures' Wag Wagons are crate equipped, well ventilated, and climate controlled. Every adventure includes plenty of filtered water and the dogs are monitored closely for signs of heat exhaustion. During the hot summer months hiking services are not offered, but a morning trip to a local off leash park is a fun and exciting adventure!

How do you pick up my dog while I'm not home?
Four Paws Adventures is insured, bonded, and reputable. You will be asked to provide a key to your home or access to your yard during the introductory meeting. This key will only be used for scheduled visits and is never marked or stored with your name or home address.

What types of payment do you accept?
Payments are accepted via personal check, PayPal, or cash. All services are prepaid. Payment can be made with a credit card via PayPal without having a PayPal account - just click on the PayPal button at the bottom of the Services page.

What if I need to cancel?
Because services are prepaid, Four Paws Adventures does not currently charge a cancellation fee. Refunds are not offered, but your dog's adventure will be rescheduled. If you do need to cancel, please provide as much notice as possible. Four Paws' clients are on regular schedules, but reschedules and last minute requests can often be accommodated.

How often should my dog go on Doggie Field Trips with Four Paws Adventures?
That depends on your dog's condition and activity needs. Four Paws Adventures can take your dog out five days per week or can offer special "break-up-the-work week" outings. We do ask that you schedule your trips on a recurring weekly basis to be sure that we can keep our canine clients in the social circles best suited to them.

How will I know if my dog had fun?
Check out the day's adventures on the Gallery page of our website! Your dog will have his or her own photo album in the Gallery where you can view photos of your dog in action!

How do I get my adventure hound signed up?
Call 602-617-6419 or click here to request a free introductory meeting. The introductory meeting takes about one half hour. Please be prepared to provide a key to your home or yard, proof of current licensing, a veterinarian receipt showing commonly accepted vaccinations or vaccine titer due dates, and payment.

Do you have a question that hasn't been answered?
Please click here to email Melanie.

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