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Serving Phoenix Adventure Hounds since 2006

What does your best friend do all day while you're working hard to put the next bowl of kibble on the floor?

Does your dog CHEW out of boredom and frustration?
Is your dog trying to DIG his way to freedom & adventure?
Does your dog BARK because she is lonely?
Is your dog CRATED all day?
Is your dog OUT OF SHAPE due to lack of activity?
Is your dog BEGGING for some fun?


Your dog isn't craving a treat or a new outfit! Your dog wants exercise and adventure!! Canine health and behavior professionals know that the key to your dog's happiness is a healthy exercise routine. A walk around the block or a fifteen minute romp in the backyard is minimal exercise and is not enough to meet the average dog's needs. Dogs that are exercised only on the weekends are at risk for "weekend warrior" injuries and the weekday blues.


Four Paws Adventures can help!

Four Paws Adventures provides more than just a walk around the block! We offer high-intensity Hound Hikes and Dog Park Excursions - the answer to balancing your busy lifestyle with the fitness and fun needs of your best friend! A Four Paws Adventure is an all around workout that will keep the body and mind healthy!

Four Paws Adventures is a new breed of doggie daycare. . .

Doggie daycare typically requires you to drop off and pick up your pet, usually within a specified time window. Four Paws Adventures offers insured and bonded service from your home. You won't have to worry about being unable to pick up your pet due to long hours, lengthy commutes, running errands, or socialization after work. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dog has gotten quality exercise, fresh air, small group socialization, and is safe and relaxed in comfortable and familiar surroundings, not napping in a kennel or tired and stressed from a full day in a pack atmosphere.

Four Paws Adventures understands. . .

Four Paws Adventures knows that dogs are much more than pets - they are family members. Our Doggie Field Trips are kept to three-four dogs so you can be sure that your dog is getting personal attention while enjoying the benefits of canine and human socialization. Dogs love hiking, but they often aren't aware of the dangers of the desert. The safety of our four-footed friends is the priority of Four Paws Adventures' experienced ExPAWdition Leaders. Dog parks are actually less crowded on the weekdays than doggie daycare is, offering an excellent opportunity for off leash play and small group socialization. Doggie Field Trips include transportation in one of our safe, crate equipped, climate controlled Wag Wagons.

Four Paws Adventures loves to brag about our canine friends. . .

Click here to check out the Gallery page to see pictures of Four Paws Adventures clients in action! Every client receives his or her own personalized album in the Four Paws Adventures Gallery with new pictures taken on every adventure!

Arrange a Doggie Field Trip with Four Paws Adventures today and give your best friend The Ultimate Dog Treat™ - happiness and health!

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